The Next Four Months

Hi Friends. It is official. I am on my first flight on my way to being a summer long intern at Washington Family Ranch Creekside in Oregon. It is crazy to know that this day is finally here, the day that was counted down for so many days. Now I am sitting here on my plane to SEATAC (unfortunately I have to go to Seattle then Redmond, but hey it was cheaper).

Just in case you’re reading this and you have no idea what is going on, here is a little background information: I worked on Summer Staff at a Wyldlife camp in Antelope, Oregon last summer Called Washington Family Ranch- Creekside. While I was there, I had the job of serving the Lord on the ropes course. I absolutely fell in love with watching these junior highers over come their fears and put their trust in Jesus on that course. I had toyed with the idea of applying for an internship for the upcoming summer. I said to myself, “If the Lord wants it to happen, He will lay the path straight and smooth.” And that He did. At the beginning of October I decided that it was time to e-mail someone to talk about just the idea. Before I knew it, talking about it led to me applying, applying led to me having interviews, and having interviews led me to this plane right here and right now. While I am there I have the blessed opportunity to work the same job on the ropes course for an entire four months. So crazy, yeah that is what I thought too. 

 Lots of emotions are running through me right now and I am decently sure that the guy next to me thinks I am crazy or something. He probably doesn’t know what to do with a crying girl sitting next to him. I am sure that when he woke up for his flight this morning he didn’t think he would be sitting next to this. I am very sad to leave home and the people that make up what I call home. However, at the same time I am so ecstatic to see what the Lord has in store for these next four months. I know that my heart will be at a constant pull every day- missing home and loving life serving on the ranch.

 Yesterday I was really busy packing for literally hours and running around making last minute errands. I got the chance to stop by my Mommy May and Papa’s house to say “See You Soon” because in our family we never say good-bye. I absolutely adore the both of them and they hold such a close place to my heart so it made me such a happy person that I got to have a conversation with them before I left. We were talking about my time here and how long I will be gone for. My Papa told me that it will go by fast. In fact he said, “You know Haley, one minute you’re sitting next to Mommy May while you guys are going together and she is playing the piano for you singing you Scottish songs, then the next minute you’re here talking to your Granddaughter and her boyfriend. That’s sixty years Haley, these four months will go by in a snap.” My Papa has said a lot of funny things that make me laugh until my stomach hurts, but this probably has to be my favorite thing he has ever said to me.

I think my Papa is right though. Time will go by fast, and in four months I will be smiling back upon the adventures I am going to have as an intern. The hard times, hilarious moments, sad days, joyful memories…all of them. 

So here goes nothing, off to Antelope, Oregon I go.

P.S. If you would love to write me (which I would absolutely love for you to write me) here is the address:

If you’re just sending it USPS-
Haley Shade
P.O. BOX 220
Antelope, OR 97001

And if it happens to be UPS or FedEx-
Haley Shade
1 Muddy Road
Antelope, OR 97001

I will be trying to post updates periodically while I am there so look forward to those gems because I look forward to writing them! Much love.

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